What variety of skins can you choose from for the Birkin Hermes bag?

What variety of skins you can choose for the Birkin Hermes bag?

For leather Hermes Birkin bag, there are textured and smooth varieties. The most popular leather for a Hermes Birkin bag right now is Togo; it is scratch resistant textured calf leather. You can also get smooth leathers, and goat leathers, as well as exotics for a Hermes Birkin bag. Some leathers -Togo, Clemence, Natural Barenia, Chevre – (goat,) Box (very smooth and shiny) Chamonix, are always around. Other leathers are produced for a while, and then get discontinued (Veau Graine Lisse, Courcheval for example.) These are usually the pressed leathers with a bit of texture and sheen. Some new ones are Swift and Rodeo Hermes Birkin bags.

The Birkin Hermes bag also is made in a variety of hides: calf leather, crocodile, ostrich and lizard.

Birkin Hermes bag uses a mixture of exotic skins; Crocodile, Lizard (available in a 25cm or smaller), Mississippi Alligator, and Ostrich as well as a variety of leathers; Calf, Goatskin, Bull Leather etc.

One of the most expensive skins is salt water crocodile skin. A Birkin Hermes bag with smaller scales cost more than those with larger scales.

Most of the Hermes Birkin bags are made of various leathers such as Alligator, Ostrich and Python leather. The Hermes Birkin bag in Alligator leather is said to be one of the most expensive ones among them.

The Niloticus Crocodile from Africa – Is a very popular choice for a Hermes Birkin bag.

Veau Togo- The most common leather for a Hermes Birkin bag it’s from calf leather and has a grainy feel.

Chevre Mysore – Is made from goatskin that is very rare due to the difficulty of finding it at Hermes quality they want for the Hermes Birkin bag.

Each season Birkin Hermes bag releases a list of colors that the Birkin Hermes bag will be available in. The colors of the Hermes Birkin bag depend upon the selection of the Birkin Hermes bag skins that are available at the time or season. The Birkin Hermes bag colors are divided into Greens, Blues, Reds, Pinks, Black and Greys, Purples, Yellows and Oranges, Beige, and Browns. You can’t always get the skin in the color you would prefer because some of the skins are difficult to dye into the paler colors. The Birkin Hermes bag is usually lined with goat skin. The color of the interior of the Hermes Birkin bag always matches the exterior.

A price for the Birkin Hermes bag depends on the color, hardware fixtures, and skin.

What is so good about the Birkin Bag is that if you can’t afford the more expensive skins for your Birkin bag there are still many lovely materials to choose from that are not so expensive. You can also choose cheaper hardware keeping the price of your Birkin bag to a more affordable price.

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