Hermes bag to buy

Hermes bag

Hermes bag to buy

A Hermes bag is the most sought after bags the Hermes Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag named after actresses Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly. Frost says for the Mail. In all these years, interest in the Hermes Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag has never faded.

The interesting thing is that allow the Hermes Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag are bought by wealthy people, we don’t see the same people coming back over and over again. The mentality seems to be that you search for your perfect Hermes Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag and once you find it, you’re done.

A really expensive Hermes bag is the ones made of exotic leathers: crocodile, lizard, alligator and ostrich. With the croc Hermes bag, which command the very highest prices, the paler the color, the more the Hermes bag is worth because it’s extremely hard to dye the skins successfully.

As if that wasn’t enough to up their price tag, there is also the question of how many pieces of crocodile skin are made. Not that many.

Hermes Birkin bag don’t give the details of their distribution and production but, for example, the Sloane Square store gets only four crocodile bags to sell off the shelf each year.

Status of the Hermes bag is indeed a relative term, the five Hermes bags on this list are so named for their abilities to set lasting trends and the enviable qualities that make them desirable many women all over the world.

So it shouldn’t come as no great surprise that the Hermes bag, which bottoms out at $7,000 but can cost upwards of $120,000, tops the list of most globally desired status bags in the world.

Though various tales of its inception still circulate throughout the fashion industry, the focal point and inspiration lie with one Jane Birkin, a famous English born French singer and actress, who allegedly was asked by the then CEO of to sketch her dream Hermes Birkin bag. Today, the Hermes Birkin bag is famous for two year long wait lists, even for the rich and famous, and is made with the highest quality fabrics, such as crocodile skin exteriors and goat skin interiors. The wait lists are attributed to the fact that Hermes produces only five Hermes bags per week. Celebrities find the Hermes bag to be well worth the wait and the cost soccer superstar David Beckham gave his wife Victoria a £80,000 diamond studded Hermes Birkin bag.


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