How much dose a Birkin Hermes Bag cost?

How much dose a Hermes Birkin Bag cost?

You can find a large variety of Hermes Birkin bags from around $8.000 to $80.000 at Portero. Portero is the premier destination for pre-owned and vintage authentic Hermès bags. Click here to view or Buy Hermes Bags and Handbags at

Just how much would you be willing to pay for a Birkin Hermes bag?  The price of a luxury car?  If you are familiar with the Birkin Hermes name, you know that their Birkin Hermes bags, as well as their other accessories, are truly the best.  Birkin Hermes bag is a ready to wear couture brand that operates its high end boutiques in the United States and abroad. Women flock to their landmark stores in the hopes of scoring their own perfect Birkin Hermes bag, which are traditionally in low supply and high demand. Many stores have waiting lists for a Birkin Hermes bag, which can be anywhere from eight months for a basic style, or up to six years for a Birkin Hermes bag made of the most exotic leather. Celebrities and the very wealthy are often able to surpass the waiting process to get instant Birkin Hermes bag.

For some women who want a luxurious Birkin Hermes bag, they are willing to pay the price of a luxury car. In fact, some of these women are willing to go on multiyear waiting lists, just for the privilege of knowing that when the wait ends for their Birkin Hermes bag, they will be carrying their wallets, cell phones and even baby supplies, tucked inside the elegant and finely contoured leather shape Birkin Hermes bag of fashion’s biggest status symbol positioned prettily over one arm.

Birkin Hermes bag Prices

The Birkin Hermes bag is just about the most covetable handbag around, and the Birkin Hermes bag has been around for a very long time. You cannot simply walk into a Hermes boutique and buy a Birkin Hermes Bag. There is usually a waiting list of at least a year to buy an authentic Birkin Hermes bag direct from the company. If you are lucky enough to reach the top of the list your Birkin Hermes bag will cost around $8000. If you do not want to wait, then you will have to buy your Birkin Hermes bag from a reseller. The price here ranges from $12000 on the auction sites, up to $17500 from a reseller like Createurs Deluxe. The Birkin Hermes bag is available in sizes ranging from 25cm through to 40cm. That Birkin Hermes bag is an ideal size for carrying on to a plane with the essentials that you will need during the flight.

The 35cm Fjord Birkin Hermes bag in black Veau Fjord leather, with 18 carat gold plated hardware on the Birkin Hermes bag beautiful. This goes some way to explaining the cost of these Birkin Hermes bags, which are hand made in France. Another element in the price of the Birkin Hermes bag is the time taken to craft a Birkin Hermes leather bag  at least 48 hours highly skilled work. The interior is lined with fine goatskin to match the exterior colour of the Birkin Hermes bag.

The key to the Birkin Hermes bag lock is enclosed in a type of leather lanyard called a clochette. This is looped through one of the handles and of the Birkin Hermes bag locks by closing the Birkin Hermes bags top flaps over all buckle loops, wrapping the buckle straps, and closing the lock on the front hardware.

On the base of the Birkin Hermes bag are four metal feet at each corner to protect the leather when the Birkin Hermes bag is rested on tables or other surfaces.

Here are some pointers to help you confirm the Birkin Hermes bag authenticity

* Even stitching on the Birkin Hermes bag

* Gilt or blind stamped in the front face under the tap: Hermes Paris, Made in France.

* Craftsman’s marks on the Birkin Hermes bag and letter year of manufacture stamped in a square on the reverse of the right belt.

* Interior leather zipper tag parallel with zipper hardware, not perpendicular.

Apart from Victoria Beckham, here are some of the other famous fans of the iconic Birkin Hermes bag tote.

Actresses Sandra Bullock, Jodie Foster, Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie and Julia Roberts. Singer Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, models Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson.

It’s interesting to note that out of the 10 most expensive bags in the world you will find that two are Hermes bags.

The Hermes Birkin bag created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka – $1.9 million comes 2nd

The 6th most expensive bag in the world is the Hermes Matte Crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag – $120,000. So is it any wonder that you will need to pay many thousands of dollars to purchase a genuine Hermes Birkin bag unless of course you would be happy to purchase a pre- owned Hermes Birkin Bag.


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