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The New Products of Birkins Hermes bags 2010 Autumn & Winter Are So Amazing

The new Birkins Hermes products for 2010 autumn&winter Birkins Hermes handbags are so amazing.

This year, new products of Birkins Hermes bags for 2010 Autumn&Winter has won the limelight.

Let me introduce Birkins Hermes first. The black series are the main products of this season. 35cm Hermes Birkin in full black design(black leather + full balck lock catch) in new innovation. The 6 styles of Birkins Hermes Black series and the high quality material – Patent Crocodile and Matt Crocodile are the most popular. The unique package for this series is more eye-catching! It gives up the classic orange package, but uses full black package, together with the full black Birkins Hermes bags, highlighting its theme this time – Eclipse.

Birkins Hermes bags are so elegant and practical and they come in lots of different materials.
Birkin Hermes bags are timeless exotic bags crafted in crocodile skin.
Crocodile Birkin Hermes bags are sought after by both men and women. Hermes produces wallets, briefcases, purses, handbags, belts, and so on.
Hermes have produced some of the best crocodile-skin have a great reputation in the market for many years.
The exotic feel and durability of a Birkin Hermes bag is the key factor for their popularity and Hermes Crocodile Birkin are timeless classic bags.
It’s said that it takes four crocodiles to make a Birkin bag, since not every part of the skin is suitable for making the Birkin Hermes bag; therefore some parts are not used.
And it requires superb craftsmanship to produce a perfect Birkin crocodile bag.
A crocodile Birkin bag costs a lot not just simply because it takes four crocodiles, but it takes much time for the production.


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