Designer Hermes Birkin bags

December 10th, 2011

Designer Hermes Birkin bags

Hermes Birkin bag

There are many designer bags on the market but few can compete with the designer Hermes Birkin bag for popularity.

When you look at the top celebrities and the rich and famous you will soon see that the majority of them are sporting a designer Hermes Birkin bag.

Take for- instance Victoria Beckham it is reputed that Victoria Beckham has Hermes Birkin bag amounting to two million dollars whether that is true or not it’s difficult to say, certainly we should not believe all we read in the newspapers.

However, we can see from the many photos of her in the media she certainly has a vast collection of Hermes Birkin bag.

Perhaps she thinks that Hermes Birkin bag are a good investment and she is right to think that because if cared for properly a Hermes Birkin bag hardly loses their value and if one day she decides to sell her own Hermes Birkin bag imagine how much profit she would gain on that. You can imagine every one rushing to buy a designer Hermes Birkin bag previously owned by Victoria Beckham.

She is fortunate to have a generous husband who is said to have given her as present a Hermes Birkin bag costing around 122,000 dollars.

Below are three Hermes Birkin bags that have been seen carried by celebrities.

Hermes Birkin bag 42CM: Hermes Birkin Bag Blue Silver 42 CM

The Hermes birkin bag 42 cm

Is a very vibrant and lovely Hermes Birkin bag this Hermes Birkin bag is constructed from high-grade leather material and features modern design which is then highlighted by the silver hardware detail.

This Hermes Birkin bag is well made from exotic-looking leather material, so it shows a luxurious design naturally.

This Hermes Birkin bag is appealing and very sophisticated, and it could even make every ensemble smart looking.

Brand: Hermes Birkin bag

Series: Hermes Birkin bag 42CM

Size: W42*H18.5*D20 cm / 16.5*7.3*7.8 inch

Double leather handles

Four bottom feet

Hermes Birkin Bag Pink Gold

Brand: Hermes Birkin bag

Series: Hermes Birkin 30CM

Color: Pink

Material: Premium Leather

Size: W30*H23*D16cm // 11.8*10.6*6.3inch

This is a beautiful Hermes Birkin bag how can anyone resist this lovely Hermes Birkin bag pink gold.

It will look splendid with a matching pink outfit.

Hermes lovely handbag light coffee

The Hermes Birkin bag light coffee is another popular bag it features high quality leather

Double leather handles

Additional Hermes Birkin padlock and key

Four metal feet to protect

Leather lining

Color: light coffee

Size: W42-H20-D21 cm

Each Hermes Birkin bag is a lovely handbag.

The light coffee comes with serial number, dust cover, receipt, and certificate card & care booklet.

Hermes Birkin bag golden hardware red features

Pure leather

Double leather handles

Buckle closure with additional padlock

Golden brass hardware

Leather trimming

Four metal feet to protect

Leather lining

Color: red

Size: W42-H20-D21 cm

Each Hermes Birkin bag golden hardware red comes with serial number, dust cover, receipt, and certificate card & care booklet.

Designer Birkin Hermes Bags are sold in many sizes.  Designer Birkin Hermes Bags come in 25-, 30, 35 40 centimetre sizes and 50 and 55 centimetre Biking Hermes bag. Hermes Birkins also comes in a variety of colours such as purple Hermes Birkin bag gold Birkin Hermes bag red Birkin bag, brown Birkin Hermes, orange Hermes Birkin, pink Birkin bag, baby blue Hermes Birkin, navy blue Birkin bag, orange Hermes Birkin, white Birkin bag, black Hermes Birkin bag and golden tan Birkin Hermes bag. Each Birkin Hermes bag can be made to order with different customer chosen hides, colour, and hardware fixtures. There are other luxurious individual options, such as diamond encrusting.

Designer Birkin Hermes bags metallic hardware Birkin Hermes bag lock, keys, buckle hardware and feet studs) are plated with gold or palladium to prevent tarnishing. Designer Birkin Hermes Bags hardware is updated regularly to maintain the top quality. Birkin Hermes bag metal lock may be covered with leather as a custom option.

Only the finest materials and luxurious are used in the production of the Hermes Birkin bag, including alligator, crocodile, lizard, goat, calf and even ostrich skins, all of which are selected and tanned to achieve the softest, most buttery feel Hermes Birkin bag owners have come to expect and appreciate.


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