Hermes Birkin Club for Spring and Summer 2011

Hermes Birkin


Hermes Birkin Club

Here is the Hermes Birkin Club for Spring/Summer 2011. The Hermes Birkin club bag features stripes (some refer to them as racing stripes). Tri-colored, we think the colors are gris, perle and Mykonos blue lizard.

The Hermes Birkin bag is synonymous with classic.

The overall vibe of the Hermes Birkin Club has a younger feel to it – something meant to be seen as more fun, with even a tad of a sporty finish.

Hermes is one of the most prestigious luxury brands; every new design from the house of Hermes will undoubtedly appeal to fashionistas’. In the Spring/Summer 2011 Women’s Hermes collection, we witnessed the debut of the Hermes Birkin Club; an innovated Hermes Birkin comes with strips of exotic lizard skin. This Hermes Birkin Club is definitely a new direction for the Hermes house. It is quite obvious that Hermes is trying to go a bit mainstream when it tries to include more sportswear and opening to the china market and of course employing a lacoste designer.

It’s undeniably that the statues of classic Hermes Birkin is unshakeable and the pretty class of the classic Hermes Birkin bag is everlasting. So a Hermes Birkin bag should maintain its “dignity” as the most coveted bag and retain its classic look.


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