What about Hermes Birkin bag metallic hardware?

What about Hermes Birkin bag metallic hardware?

The metallic hardware on the Hermes Birkin bag the lock, keys, buckle hardware and feet studs are plated with gold or palladium or other non-tarnishing precious metals to prevent tarnishing. As a custom option the metal lock on the Herme Birkin bag can be covered with leather. Another custom option would be diamonds on a Hermes Birkin bag.

You can get 24K plated gold, silver palladium, a more burnished ruthenium and one I LOVE called guilloche. This is palladium with a diamond cut pattern on it. It is fabulous and rare.

The Herme Birkin bag interior lining typically matches the outside of the Birkin Hermes bag and is usually made of goatskin (Chevre leather). The Birkin Hermes bag metallic hardware (the lock, keys, and feet studs) are typically made of palladium, though other metals are available upon request. The Birkin Hermes bag lock is usually metal, but a leather covered lock is an option when custom ordering. The Hermes Birkin bags metallic parts may also be encrusted with diamonds. The Hermes Birkin bag keys come inside a detachable tag.

One of the most expensive variations of the Hermes Birkin bag is one made of crocodile skin. The price of these Hermes Birkin bags depends on the size of the scales. Herme Birkin bags with smaller scales cost much more than those with larger scales.

The key to the Hermes Birkin bag lock is enclosed in a type of leather lanyard called a clochette. This is looped through one of the handles and the Hermes Birkin bag locks by closing the Hermes Birkin bags top flaps over all buckle loops, wrapping the buckle straps, and closing the lock on the front hardware.

On the base of the Hermes Birkin bag is four metal feet at each corner of the Hermes Birkin bag to protect the Hermes Birkin bag leather when the Hermes Birkin bag is rested on tables or other surfaces. As long as you buy from an established retailer you should get an authentic certificated Hermes Birkin bag, but here are some pointers to help you confirm the Hermes Birkin bags pedigree.

1 Gilt or blind stamped in the front face under the tap of the Hermes Birkin bag
2 Even stitching on the Hermes Birkin bag
3 Interior leather zipper tag parallel with zipper hardware. This should not be perpendicular on the Hermes Birkin bag.
4 Craftsman’s marks on the Hermes Birkin bag and letter year of manufacture stamped in a square on the reverse of the right belt.

The classic and timeless designs of the Hermes Birkin bag are the first and foremost reason for its worldwide popularity. Hermes Birkin bags always have a simple yet gorgeous style. The Hermes Birkin bags elegance and precision are definitely expressed by every detail including color, sewing and every stitch etc. Those superior qualities of the materials greatly guarantee the excellence and durability of the Hermes items, which is also the main reason for the Hermes Birkin bags high reputation.

Weather the metallic hardware on your Birkin bag is made from gold or palladium or the lock is encrusted with diamonds you can be sure you will be getting top quality because the hardware on a Birkin bag is updated regularly to maintain the top quality available in the industry at time of production.

Black Diamond Hermes Birkin

Diamond encrusted Hermes bag


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