Hermes Birkin bag

Hermes Birkin bag

A Hermes Birkin bag is a designer bags that are known for its quality and design. Most fashionable women know and probably wish to own at least one Hermes Birkin bag. Owning a brand like Hermes Birkin bag defines status in the society because a Hermes Birkin bag cost higher than 1,000 USD. Its most popular design, a Hermes Birkin bag cost a minimum of 6,000 USD. The brand and the quality makes it a popular designer’s item for which women, especially those who live in luxury, tends to own one. Some rich women even collect designer items other than Hermes Birkin bags.

The high price for a Hermes Birkin bag also takes it well beyond the average price range of most consumers and propels the Hermes Birkin bag into a status symbol for the very wealthy. While Hermes is noted for high priced fashion accessories in general the Hermes Birkin bag far exceeds all other purses in the Hermes line up. Hermes Birkin bag begin at just over $7,000 US Dollars (USD) and, because each Hermes Birkin bag is customizable, many Hermes Birkin bag are priced as high as $150,000 USD.

For several years after the Hermes Birkin bag debut, the Hermes Birkin bag was only attainable by a waiting list that was, at times, two years long. The Hermes Birkin bag is hand stitched in France by a single skilled craftsman; each Hermes Birkin bag consists of the finest animal hides, which must be flawless. Some of the animal skins used include ostrich, lizard and crocodile. Searching for exotic hides for the Hermes Birkin bag may take up to two years and the workmanship may take another two weeks, which means that only a few Hermes Birkin bag are completed per week.

Although pricey, each Hermes Birkin bag is created to last for a lifetime. While a knock off  Birkin bag may look attractive, it’s the attention to detail in the Hermes Birkin that has made these particular Hermes Birkin bags so popular. Each thread used to construct the Birkin bag is first coated in beeswax before used to hand stitch the hides of the Hermes Birkin together. Once constructed, each Birkin bag is fitted with 14 karat gold hardware is hand buffed and painted, and the Hermes Birkin bag seams are individually polished. Working several hours per day, each Hermes Birkin bag takes as many as 25 hours to create.

So it’s no wonder that that Hermes Birkin bags cost so much because so much time goes into making the bags and a great deal of effort by very skilled craftsmen. They are made to last a life time and to look and feel great quality.

Also the amazing metallic hardware on a Birkin bag is of such high quality and luxurious with additions that can be added to the Birkin bags such as diamonds etc. so that makes the price even higher for a Hermes Bikin.

The bags are beautiful and will stay looking beautiful and will last a life time if they are well looked after and care for.


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