Where can I buy a Hermes Birkin bag?

August 12th, 2013

You can buy Bikin bags made from crocodile, Ostrich, Clemence, Natural Barenia, Chevre – (goat,) Box (very smooth and shiny) Chamonix also you can buy Hermes Birkin bags in a variety of hides such as calf leather and lizard.

Also can buy Hermes Bikin bagswith metallic hardware such as plated gold, silver palladium and also be Hermes Bikin bags encrusted with diamonds.



Hermes Birkins

September 11th, 2012

Hermes Birkins
Hermes Birkins are made in many ranges of styles, skins and sizes with many different types of metallic hardware such as gold silver and sometimes Diamonds encrusting.
The price varies depending on the types on skins and metallic hardware on the Hermes Birkins bag as well at the size of the bag.
Each bag can be may be made to order with the customary ordering different, colors, skins and metallic hardware.
The price of a Hermes Birkin usally depends on the metallic hardware fixtures and the skins as well as the color of the Birkin bag.
Sizes of Hermes birkin bags range from 25, 30, 35, and 40 centimeters to 50- and 55-centimeter bags.
Each Hermes Birkin bag is hand-sewn, painted, buffed, and polished, taking several days to finish.
The Hermes Birkins bags have many variety’s of skins such as calf leather, ostrich skins, crocodail skins and lizard skins.
One of the most expensive Hermes Birkins is the salt water crocodile skins and Hermes Birkins with smaller crocodile skins usually cost a lot more than those with larger crocodile scales.
Usually Hermes Birkins are lined with goat-skins and the color of the exterior matches the color of the interior.
Hermes Birkins come in many variety of colors such as blues, pink, orange, white, red, brown, baby blue, navy blue, olive green,, black, and golden tan.
The Birkin bag has a lock and keys and the keys are enclosed in a leather lanyard which is known as a clochette, carried by looping through a handle.
The Birkin Hermes is locked by closing the top flaps over buckle loops, wrapping the buckle straps, or closing the lock on the front hardware.
The locks and keys of Hermes Birkins are number-coded and the earlier locks on the Birkin bags only bore one number on the bottom of the lock.
In more recent years, Hermès has added a second number under the Hermes stamp of the lock. These numbers for locks can be the same for hundreds of locks as they are batch numbers in which the locks were made.
The metallic hardware on a Hermes Birkin such as the lock, keys, buckle hardware, and base studs are plated with gold or palladium to prevent them from tarnishing.
The metalic hardware is kept update on a regular bases to maintain the best top quality available in the industry at time of production.
The metal lock on Hermes Birkins may be covered with leather as a custom option and Diamonds encrusted is another custom option.
Hermès offers a “spa treatment” for Birkin bags which is a reconditioning for overly used Hermes Birkin bags.
A “Shooting Star” Birkin has a stamp shaped like a shooting star adjacent to the “Hermès, Paris Made in France” stamp; this is in gold or silver to match the hardware and embossing. Rarely, the stamp is blind or colorless, if the bag is made of one or two leathers on which Hermes does not use metallic stamping. Birkins or other Hermès bags can sometimes be made by independent craftsmen for “personal use” once a year.
The Hermes Birkin is a highly coveted and for several years was reputed for having a waiting list of up to 6 years which made it the longest waiting list for any bag in history.
Because of the high demand for the handbag, the Hermes Birkin bag has a very high reselling value in many countries especially in Asia.
In April 2010, Hermès announced that the waiting list would no longer exist, implying that it is potentially available to all.
Each Hermes Birkin bag bears the stamp of the crafts person who made the bag. This identification vagary’s widely but are is not different for every Birkin bag made and more than one craftsman’s stamp on a Birkin bag is not uncommon because the stamp is not a serial reference for the bag but fonts and stamping orders may vary depending on the craftsman.
The biggest difference between the Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly bag the bags handles. The single handle bag is the Kelly bag, and the Birkin bag has two handles on it.
The Hermes Birkins are handmade in France by expert craftsman or craftswoman.
The Hermes company’s signature saddle stitching, developed in the 1800s, is another very distinctive feature.
The average Hermes Birkin handbag is created in 48 hours.
Leathers on the bags is obtained from different tanners in France, resulting in many different textures and because of the individual craftsmanship, other details of the Hermes Birkins may not all be exactly the same.
The cost of the Birkin bag, compared to other bags is based on the meticulous craftsmanship and scarcity of the bags as well at the expensive materials.
Although the Birkin bag is free of logos, it is one of the most recognized bags in the fashion industry and by the public.



Authentic Hermes Birkin

December 12th, 2011

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Buying an authentic Hermes Birkin bag is a tricky one because there are so many fake Hermes Birkin bags out there.

There are many web sites all designed in fooling customers into buying so called authentic Hermes Birkin bags.

An authentic Hermes Birkin bag will cost in the thousands.

A lot of the sites that sell fake Hermes Birkin bags you can tell by the price because an authentic Hermes Birkin bag will cost in the thousands.

But and a big But it’s not always the case because there are a lot of web sites out there that fool innocent people into spending thousands of their money and just receiving a cheap fake Hermes Birkin bag not even a good replica Hermes Birkin bag!

These people that sell expensive fake Hermes Birkin bags realise how difficult it is to get an authentic Hermes Birkin bag and therefore exploit people.

You can’t always tell if a Hermes Birkin bag is Fake by the price.

Because of having the price high for the fake Hermes Birkin bags they sell, customers think they are getting the real thing.

A lot of people have come to realise that an authentic Hermes Birkin bag is going to be expensive so when they see a web site that sells very cheap Hermes Birkin bags they have come to know it’s a fake Hermes Birkin bag. So by these crafty web sites that sell fake Hermes Birkin bags know by having the price high it can be very deceiving!

You rarely can get a brand new authentic Hermes Birkin bag only a pre-owed Hermes Birkin bag.

Also anther very good thing to keep in mind when buying an authentic Hermes Birkin bag is that it’s almost impossible to get a New Hermes Birkin bag a ness you buy it from a Hermes store or the official Hermes web site itself.

So if you see a web site clamming to be selling (brand new) Hermes Birkin bags then that in its self should raise a red flag!

Because most authentic Hermes Birkin bags that you can buy that are not from the Hermes stores or the official Hermes web site are usually pre- owed Hermes Birkin bags not brand new.

So always be very aware when you see a web site that is clamming to sell expensive Hermes Birkin bags that are brand new!

There are genuine good web sites out there that do sell genuine authentic Hermes Birkin bags but you just have to be very careful before you select what site you buy your Hermes Birkin bag from.

The best way is to check the sites reputation and see if it has complaints about it.

Google the web site that is clamming to sell genuine Hermes Birkin bags

Google the web site that is clamming to sell genuine Hermes Birkin bags and see what other customers have said about the web site you are thinking of buying your Hermes Birkin bag from.

If there are any complaints about the authenticities of the Hermes Birkin bags then that should raise alarm bells.

So when buying a Hermes Birkin bag online use caution and be very careful.

Do your research before buying the Hermes Birkin bag.

Hermes Birkin bags are very expensive and there is a lot at stake and a lot of fraudster’s trying to exploit people but with a lot of research and patient’s you should be able to get your desired Hermes Birkin bag without any grief.


Designer Hermes Birkin bags

December 10th, 2011

Designer Hermes Birkin bags

Hermes Birkin bag

There are many designer bags on the market but few can compete with the designer Hermes Birkin bag for popularity.

When you look at the top celebrities and the rich and famous you will soon see that the majority of them are sporting a designer Hermes Birkin bag.

Take for- instance Victoria Beckham it is reputed that Victoria Beckham has Hermes Birkin bag amounting to two million dollars whether that is true or not it’s difficult to say, certainly we should not believe all we read in the newspapers.

However, we can see from the many photos of her in the media she certainly has a vast collection of Hermes Birkin bag.

Perhaps she thinks that Hermes Birkin bag are a good investment and she is right to think that because if cared for properly a Hermes Birkin bag hardly loses their value and if one day she decides to sell her own Hermes Birkin bag imagine how much profit she would gain on that. You can imagine every one rushing to buy a designer Hermes Birkin bag previously owned by Victoria Beckham.

She is fortunate to have a generous husband who is said to have given her as present a Hermes Birkin bag costing around 122,000 dollars.

Below are three Hermes Birkin bags that have been seen carried by celebrities.

Hermes Birkin bag 42CM: Hermes Birkin Bag Blue Silver 42 CM

The Hermes birkin bag 42 cm

Is a very vibrant and lovely Hermes Birkin bag this Hermes Birkin bag is constructed from high-grade leather material and features modern design which is then highlighted by the silver hardware detail.

This Hermes Birkin bag is well made from exotic-looking leather material, so it shows a luxurious design naturally.

This Hermes Birkin bag is appealing and very sophisticated, and it could even make every ensemble smart looking.

Brand: Hermes Birkin bag

Series: Hermes Birkin bag 42CM

Size: W42*H18.5*D20 cm / 16.5*7.3*7.8 inch

Double leather handles

Four bottom feet

Hermes Birkin Bag Pink Gold

Brand: Hermes Birkin bag

Series: Hermes Birkin 30CM

Color: Pink

Material: Premium Leather

Size: W30*H23*D16cm // 11.8*10.6*6.3inch

This is a beautiful Hermes Birkin bag how can anyone resist this lovely Hermes Birkin bag pink gold.

It will look splendid with a matching pink outfit.

Hermes lovely handbag light coffee

The Hermes Birkin bag light coffee is another popular bag it features high quality leather

Double leather handles

Additional Hermes Birkin padlock and key

Four metal feet to protect

Leather lining

Color: light coffee

Size: W42-H20-D21 cm

Each Hermes Birkin bag is a lovely handbag.

The light coffee comes with serial number, dust cover, receipt, and certificate card & care booklet.

Hermes Birkin bag golden hardware red features

Pure leather

Double leather handles

Buckle closure with additional padlock

Golden brass hardware

Leather trimming

Four metal feet to protect

Leather lining

Color: red

Size: W42-H20-D21 cm

Each Hermes Birkin bag golden hardware red comes with serial number, dust cover, receipt, and certificate card & care booklet.

Designer Birkin Hermes Bags are sold in many sizes.  Designer Birkin Hermes Bags come in 25-, 30, 35 40 centimetre sizes and 50 and 55 centimetre Biking Hermes bag. Hermes Birkins also comes in a variety of colours such as purple Hermes Birkin bag gold Birkin Hermes bag red Birkin bag, brown Birkin Hermes, orange Hermes Birkin, pink Birkin bag, baby blue Hermes Birkin, navy blue Birkin bag, orange Hermes Birkin, white Birkin bag, black Hermes Birkin bag and golden tan Birkin Hermes bag. Each Birkin Hermes bag can be made to order with different customer chosen hides, colour, and hardware fixtures. There are other luxurious individual options, such as diamond encrusting.

Designer Birkin Hermes bags metallic hardware Birkin Hermes bag lock, keys, buckle hardware and feet studs) are plated with gold or palladium to prevent tarnishing. Designer Birkin Hermes Bags hardware is updated regularly to maintain the top quality. Birkin Hermes bag metal lock may be covered with leather as a custom option.

Only the finest materials and luxurious are used in the production of the Hermes Birkin bag, including alligator, crocodile, lizard, goat, calf and even ostrich skins, all of which are selected and tanned to achieve the softest, most buttery feel Hermes Birkin bag owners have come to expect and appreciate.


Buy a Hermes Birkin

March 5th, 2011

Hermes Birkin

Buy a Hermes Birkin

You can buy a Hermes Birkin on Portero Luxury. There are many of these are Hermes bags to choose from.
If you are looking to buy Hermes Birkin bag on a budget, you can choose from a wide selection at Portero Luxury.
Portero Luxury has a collection of Hermes Birkin bags you can buy in leather and other exotic skins such as Crocodile, Lizard (available in a 25cm or smaller), Mississippi Alligator, and Ostrich as well as a variety of leathers; Calf, Togo, Goatskin, Bull Leather etc.
Also skins like salt water crocodile skin.
Most of the Hermes Birkin bags you can buy are made of various leathers such as Alligator, Ostrich and Python leather. The Hermes Birkin bag in Alligator leather is said to be one of the most expensive ones among them.
The Niloticus Crocodile from Africa – Is a very popular choice for a Hermes Birkin bag.
Veau Togo- The most common leather for a Hermes Birkin bag it’s from calf leather and has a grainy feel.
Chevre Mysore – Is made from goatskin that is very rare due to the difficulty of finding it at Hermes quality they want for the Hermes Birkin bag.

Portero Luxury sells Hermes Birkin bags and Portero Luxury is one the places to find the best sellers of authentic Hermes Birkin bags online.

At Portero Luxury you will find many accredited specialist of Hermes Birkin bags who sell genuine designer Hermes Birkin bags on sale online.
Some are based in the US, some in the UK and all around the world. Most of them will ship Hermes Birkin bags internationally.


Where can you get a Hermes Birkin Bag?

February 25th, 2011

Where can you get a Hermes Birkin Bag?

A Hermes Birkin Bag is only available in official Hermes outlets worldwide. You can’t get a genuine brand new Hermes Birkin bag anywhere else but however you can buy a used authentic Hermes Birkin bag from a seller from auctions like eBay. Each Hermes store also has a waiting list for Hermes Birkin bag orders, making it harder to acquire. Unless you’re a regular or have powerful connections in the fashion industry, you are just going to have to wait in line just like everybody else desiring to own a genuine Hermes Birkin bag. But with eBay auctions you can buy a used authentic Hermes Birkin bag from a seller.
An official Hermes outlet also accepts old Hermes bags for buffing. The bags will be returned to you almost as good as new, free of charge.

Hermes Birkin bag is a Great Investment

A Hermes Birkin bag is probably one of the few items in the fashion industry that has no depreciating value. The price of a Hermes Birkin bag can be resold for more than its original value depending on the rarity of the Hermes Birkin bag model. The older the Hermes Birkin bag model is, the higher the price will be. A Hermes Birkin bag when put on auctions can sometimes reach unimaginable prices, for example, one rare model of a Hermes Birkin bag have been sold in an auction for about roughly $65,000.

Hermes Birkin Bag for celebrates

The Hermes Birkin bag is worn by many celebrities all over the world and in Hollywood. Because of this, Hermes Birkin bags have gained maximum media exposure, fuelling the public’s craving for the famous Hermes Birkin bags. Being the star among all Hermes bags, the Hermes Birkin bag has appeared in numerous Hollywood movies and television features. Despite its high price, the demand for the Hermes Birkin bag still isn’t going down, it’s probably just adding to its appeal.


Hermes Birkin price

February 24th, 2011

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Hermes Birkin price

The cost of a Hermes Birkin bag spans a wide range. They start at $5,300 and go on up to about $50,000 or even more.

For the price of a new Hermes Birkin bag you not only get the prestige of carrying a piece of fashion history but you also can go into any Hermes store in the future and for a few hundred dollars, have your Hermes Birkin bag sent to Paris to be reconditioned at an Hermes purse “spa.”

If you are in the market to make such an investment on a new Hermes Birkin bag you should know that the size of the Hermes Birkin bag affects the selling price, as does the exclusiveness of the materials used. In fact, one of the most expensive versions of the Hermes Birkin bag is made from porosus crocodile skin. Also, the smaller the scales on the skin, the more the Hermes Birkin bag will cost.

It is also worth noting that one of the most expensive Hermes Birkin bag sold in the past few years was a special edition black crocodile Hermes Birkin bag with the clasp and lock encrusted in diamonds that went at auction for $64, 800.

If the price of even a more basic Hermes bag is well out of your range, you can look for a vintage or used one online but understand that Hermes doesn’t sell to other retailers, so these will be from private sellers or re-sellers you find these on eBay. Keep in mind, though, that Hermes Birkin bags are considered classic investment pieces and as such a Hermes Birkin bag holds their value quite well. Therefore, even a used version Hermes Birkin bag will usually sell for least 50 per cent of the retail price of what it was new.

Victoria Beckham, it’s went on a plane to the glittering retail mecca of Dubai with her $122,000 Hermes Birkin bag in tow.

The British paper The Sun is reported that Mrs Beckham’s soccer superstar husband forked over $122,000 for a Hermes Birkin bag (according to the article, the same price as an apartment in Posh’s hometown) for a very rare diamond-encrusted Hermes Birkin bag called the Himalayan. Apparently, there are just three other Hermes Birkin bag like it in the world, its waiting list is closed (and four years long if you’re already on it) and the Hermes Birkin bag clasp sparkles with hundreds of diamonds, including a three-carat stunner on the Hermes Birkin bag signature lock.

The Hermes Birkin increases in value though time making it a great investment. If you have a Hermes Birkin bag to sell on eBay you may find it has increased in value. So it is possible to buy a Hermes Birkin bag on eBay and resell it at a profit. Hermes Birkin bags never sell for less than 50 per cent of their original value.


愛馬仕 Birkin包

February 19th, 2011

愛馬仕 Birkin包
你知道,只有五愛馬仕 Birkin袋生產的每星期?是的,你意識到,它需要的任何地方,從 18日至25小時才能創建一個這些宏偉的愛馬仕 Birkin包嗎?
這是,毫無疑問,最受追捧袋在世界上幾乎不可能找到任何精品店買愛馬仕 Birkin包。
在輪候名單的愛馬仕 Birkin包是非常長。
愛馬仕 Birkin包永遠,和愛馬仕 Birkin包永不過時的風格。


Hermes Birkin Togo

January 17th, 2011

Hermes Birkin Togo


The most popular leather for a Hermes Birkin bag is Togo, smooth textured calf leather. Taurillon Clemence which is made from baby bull is even softer and thicker than Togo. You can also choose buttery soft Chevre (goat skin) or smooth and sheen box. Hermes Birkin bag with exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile and lizard are quite suitable for formal and grand occasions. If you want a casual and pretty look, you can try Togo or ostrich Hermes Birkin with linen.

If you are considering buying a Hermes Birkin bag, the Hermes Birkin Togo leather version is a lovely choice. The exotic leather like crocodile and ostrich leather makes the Hermes Birkin bag is also eye catching while the Hermes Birkin Togo bag is a lot more modest yet classic. As one of the emblematic bags from the Hermes family, the Hermes Birkin bag is a very feminine, roomy handheld bag which reinvents the famous elements from the first Hermes trunks.

Different Hermes Birkin 35 Togo bags

Designer bags like Hermes Birkin Togo bag have become the symbol of social status and personal identification and of course, every woman is desires to have a Hermes Birkin Togo bag.

Hermes Birkin 35cm Jean Togo in Pink Charm

This Hermes Birkin 35cm Jean Togo in Pink Charm comes in lovely and romantic pink theme, string closure with secure lock and extra small dust cover especially designed for Hermes Birkin locks and keys. Hermes Birkin 35cm Togo in pink charm is so comfortable to carry because of its rolled leather handles, complete with dazzling silver hardware pieces. The interior Hermes Birkin Togo bag contains one zipped pocket. The size of this stylish Hermes Birkin Togo bag is 14*11.2*6.8 inch.

Hermes Birkin Togo 35cm Black

A Hermes Togo Birkin 35 cm bag is one of the emblematic bags from the Hermes family. This Hermes Birkin bag is a very feminine and elegant, roomy handheld Hermes Birkin Togo bag, which creates the famous elements from the first Hermes trunks. This Hermes Birkin Togo bag is made of Italian cowhide black colored leather, complete with stunning silver hardware pieces. The Interior of the Hermes Birkin Togo bag contains one zipper pocket and one patch pocket with lamb leather lining. Each Hermes Birkin Togo 35cm Black comes with extra small dust cover for Hermes lock and 2 keys, serial number; dust cover certificate card & care book let, especially design for Hermes Birkin Togo 35cm black.

Hermes Birkin 35cm Light Coffee Togo Leather Silver Metal

This Hermes Birkin bag is made of light coffee real leather, complete with amazing silver hardware pieces. The size of this stylish and elegant Hermes Birkin Togo bag is 13.8? x 9.8? x 7.1? (W35 x H25 x D18cm). This Hermes Birkin Togo bag is a perfect choice for every day, but also if you are thinking to wear this voguish Hermes Birkin Togo bag on a weekend party it will be an ideal choice. This Hermes Birkin bag comes with Hermes lock, keys, sleepers, care brochure, rain guard shield, tags, and copy of the original receipt from an official Hermes store.


hermes bag offers

January 13th, 2011

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You love fine designer goods, but prefer an eclectic mix of designer, vintage, mall-brand and replica goods. You are a woman who is young, fun but takes fashion very seriously. You’d be able to pick out a vintage Chanel jacket from amongst a crowded, smelly second hand store as sure as anything and pride yourself at being up to date on celebrity and fashion gossip. You are young, fun, pretty and smart you are the total package and of course, Hermes Birkin this is the stuff of legends and still one of the most requested bags since it came out in 1984. It is impeccable quality and the ultimate in terms of elegant, young sophistication.