Hermes handbags

Hermes handbags

Some interesting fact about the Hermes handbags and Hermes Birkin bags.

Many ladies ask what happens to all the Hermes Birkn bags that have a flaw in them making them less than perfect. These ladies would like to purchase one of these bags at a reduced price as they feel sure that the flaw would be so insignificant that only an expert would be able to spot it.

Sorry ladies but unfortunately these Hermes handbags are destroyed. One can understand this though because these Hermes Birkin bags could be resold as a perfect genuine bag at a much higher price. Aren’t there enough problems with people making very good replica Hermes Birkin bags and selling them at the same price as an authentic Hermes Birkin bag?

It is interesting to learn a few facts about the factory where the Hermes Birkin bag are made. I don’t know about you but I always imagined that the craftsmen who made the bags would be elderly men who had been stitching away making Hermes Birkin bag for many years, however I was surprised to learn that  on the contrary they are mainly crafted by women the majority aged under 30 years old.

It must take extreme patience to make a Hermes Birkin bag because there are 2700 stitches in a Hermes Kelly bag and more in a Hermes Birkin bag. Just imagine how quick it would be to run up 2700 stitches on a sewing machine compared to carefully making each individual perfect stitch by hand. If a stitch is not correct how on earth can they correct it as the wrong stitch would leave an unsightly hole in the material where the needle had gone through.


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