Hermes the history

Hermes the history

The History of the Hermes brand.

It was almost 200 years ago that Hermes earned its fine reputation. It started off with all things handmade saddles. It is now known for its exquisite quality leather goods and especially for it luxury handbags. The Hermes Birkin bag is its most famous bag.

Hermes Birkin bag and the Hermes Kelly bag history behind the names.
Hermes Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag

The Hermes Birkin bag dates back to the 1980s. The Hermes Birkin bag was named for actress Jane Birkin. One popular story is that the actress was seated on a plane next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the Chairman of Hermès, and complained to him about her current handbag, which wasn’t adequate for her needs. Dumas responded by designing a new bag that he named the Hermes Birkin bag. Other versions of the story say Birkin was carrying a similar bag in Dumas’ presence that was made of canvas and this inspired him to design a high-end model for her. But regardless of which story is true, one thing that the fashion world agrees on is that the Hermes Birkin bag is the second bag in the Hermès line to be named after someone famous. The first is the Hermes Kelly bag, which took its name from Grace Kelly who was seen carrying the Hermes Kelly bag in many photo shoots.

The Hermes Kelly bag is still popular today but not as popular as the Hermes Birkin bag. You see many more celebrities carrying a Hermes Birkin bag than you will find sporting the Hermes Kelly bag even although the Hermes Kelly bag is not as expensive as Hermes Birkin bag.


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