How to care for your Hermes Birkin bag

How to Care For Your Leather Hermes Birkin bag

Now you have purchased your beautiful Hermes Birkin bag you should give some thought on how to care for your Hermes Birkin bag and then your Hermes Birkin bag will last for many years. Your Hermes Birkin bag will then be a great investment and even increase in value through time.

It is important to carefully store your leather Hermes Birkin bag.

Protect your expensive Hermes Birkin bag by keeping it in a dust cover when you are not using it and If you haven’t got the original Hermes Birkin bag dust cover you could use soft cotton fabric or a pillowcase to store your Hermes Birkin bag in.

Don’t store your leather Hermes Birkin bag in plastic because could cause your leather to dry out. Also store your Hermes Birkin bag in a well-ventilated, dry place that is cool, and keep away for excessive heat or dampness such as attics and basements because this may cause your leather to crack from the heat or to gather mould from the dampness. Using some of the methods mentioned above will keep your leather Hermes Birkin bag looking great for many future years to come.

Don’t use any cleaning products on any leather that is not made specifically for leather.

If your Hermes Birkin bag or other leather product is suede, use a cleaner that is made for suede.

Some cleaners that are made for leather may not be made for use on suede. A good rule to go by is to always follow the manufacturer’s directions and always test any protection and cleaning product on an inconspicuous area first.

Be careful to keep your expensive Hermes Birkin bag away from any kind of printed materials such as newspaper or photocopies. The print from these materials will rub off and could ruin your Hermes Birkin bag. Make sure to you check your hands after reading a newspaper to make sure you won’t transfer a smudge of print to your Hermes Birkin bag when you pick it up.

Your Make up is another way you could potentially smudge or stain you Hermes Birkin bag. Make sure your hands are clean after you apply your make-up especially if you are out in a restaurant, club or function where you might be freshening up your make-up.

Never put your Hermes Birkin bag on the floor. It’s easy to get a stain or gum on the bottom of your Hermes Birkin bag.

When carrying your Hermes Birkin bag, do not spray perfumes, hair spray, body sprays, or any other harmful products near your Hermes Birkin bag, it will damage it and stain it from the harsh ingredients. Your Hermes Birkin bag may be cleaned by simply wiping with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use soap or any chemical products. If there are stains that are too tough to get out of your Hermes Birkin bag consult professional leather cleaner.

If you’re expensive Hermes Birkin bag does get a smudge or stain DO NOT try to clean it yourself. It’s best to take your Hermes Birkin bag to a high-end cleaner who will know exactly the right method for cleaning your Hermes Birkin bag depending on whether it’s leather, suede or fabric.

Your Birkin bag could be your best investment even increasing in value in years to come so it is well worth giving the time and attention in keeping your Birkin bag clean and well cared for.


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