Hermes Birkin bags are still the most luxurious and expensive bags in the world

The Birkin bag is still the most expensive bag in the world. Recently a very rare Birkin made from Himalayan crocodile with beautiful white gold detailing and 240 diamonds was bought by an anonymous collector at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong for $300.000. One wonders how the buyer would be able to wear it with out a body guard to protect it.

The previous record holder was a beautiful pink diamond studded Hermes Birkin which went for $222,000

You would have to rich and famous to purchase one from Hermes. There are many paparazzi pictures of Victoria Beckham sporting one. Apparently Victoria has a collection of the bags worth £1.5 million. Kim Kardashian also can be seen with one as well as many other celebrities. The Hermes bag is as popular as ever.


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