Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin

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Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin

Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin bag.

Lady Gaga recently stepped out of a studio in London after recording an interview carrying a studded Hermes Birkin bag.

You would be so amazed to see Lady Gaga’s black Hermes Birkin bag covered with pointed studs last time. The pointed studs are obviously embellished on this smooth leathered Hermes Birkin bag, which seems to come in different shades. It’s actually great to see such studs on a black Hermes Birkin bag since it indeed sets that rocking and edgy look to it. Those who are in for rocking fashion sense and out of this world look might probably like this Hermes Birkin bag.

Taking a second look at her Hermes Birkin bag, I find the Hermes Birkin bag is not as awful as we thought it to be, on the contrary, I think she did a good job on this Hermes Birkin bag, making the Hermes Birkin bag more creative and personalized. Lady Gaga is a legendary celebrity around the world because she dares to be herself and does not care what the outside world is saying about her. I think this is why she becomes more and more popular and Hermes Birkin bag will become more and more popular.

Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin

Though it’s quite unbelievable, her creative way is widely appreciated. This time, we have found another Hermes Birkin bag of hers in white, of course, that won’t be just a normal Hermes Birkin bag. Things would be totally different when they become Gaga’s. But she did not make the Hermes Birkin bag as scary as the black Hermes Birkin bag this time. Seemingly, most of Hermes Birkin bag lovers still do not buy it. Hermes Birkin bag looks better when not altered like this.

But it’s true that this time she created her unique Hermes Birkin bag in an acceptable way, which is with some Japanese writing on it instead of studs or anything destructive. The words on her Hermes Birkin bag are translated to “I love small monster, Tokyo, Love!” Lady Gaga had artist Terence Koh writes all over her white Hermes Birkin bag in Japanese with a black Sharpie.

If you are into fashion then you know these highly coveted bags (people wait for years to get one), named after actress Jane Birkin, start at around $9,000 but can exceed $50,000 depending on the materials used.

So while this Hermes Birkin bag costs as much as some people make a year, it is fascinating that Gagaloo can casually ‘recreate’ it.

We wonder if lady Gaga was making some kind of commentary on fashion by ruining one of the most expensive Birkin bags you can buy. However we all know that she will wear anything these days to get attention, and she is constantly looking for new ways to outdo herself.

Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin

Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin


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